Group Training Package
  • 1/2 hours of Group teacher training based at your school
  • Training can be on any of the sports we offer or have a theme e.g. differentiation in sport

In Class Specific Training Package
  • 1 Hour Curriculum Coaching with teacher focus
  • Practical session involving children to give examples of good practice
  • Can be designed for both KS1 and KS2 teachers
Assessment Package
  • Provide solutions for all sport assessment needs
  • Practical ideas of how best to access your students
PE Coordinator Package
  • Assist design of the sports programme for your school
  • Advice on how to manage Ofsted criteria for sport 
  • All year round support and guidance for making sport a success at your school.

Teacher Packages


We offer a variety of high quality packages to suit your school's needs. Sessions and training are developed to allow your teachers to improve their sport practices. Follow the contact links to arrange a meeting and book your teacher training package.